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Monday Anger Management Class Schedule

Georgia Approved Anger Management Certified Provider


10:30AM to 11:30AM Monday 1 Hour Class $25 Meets Every Week
          Noon to 1:00PM Monday 1 Hour Class $25 Meets Every Week

Monday Anger Management Classes


  MONDAY  03/09/2020 9:00AM to 5:00PM

 8 Hour Intensive Course $200.00
 Work Lunch
8 Hours/8 Classes:

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By Appointment Only.

Prepay $200 Here   MC VISA AMEX, DISCOVER Pay With Debit Credit Card

SATURDAY - Call Richard at 678-576-1913 to schedule

Dates may change so best to attend early in case I have to withdraw one date listed below.

February 29, 2020
Saturday CLASS [ 9:00AM to 5:00PM - 8 Hours ]

March 7, 2020
Saturday CLASS [ 9:00AM to 5:00PM - 8 Hours ]

March 14, 2020
Saturday CLASS [ 9:00AM to 5:00PM - 8 Hours

March 21, 2020
Saturday CLASS [ 9:00AM to 5:00PM - 8 Hours

March 28, 2020


MONDAY  03/09/2020 9:00AM to 5:00PM

8 Hour Intensive Course $200.00


Class Schedule May Change Without Notice so PrePay to Reserve your Seat and lock in your date. Best to NOT wait until last Saturday before your court date. Procrastinators often miss deadlines = often go to jail.

NOTICE: If you Pre-Pay for Unavailable Date your payment will be applied for next available Saturday. Call or email to followup for PRE-PAY payment made to insure good communication and your needs are met.

Name Of Attendee
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Monday Class Room


Saturday Anger Management Class Conference Room
Saturday Class Conference Room

Judges, Solicitor General's, Probation Officers, PreTrial Officers in different counties all have different anger management requirements to fulfill their needs for you. It is your responsibility to check with them and ask questions to what they will accept to fulfill your court requirements.

Some require:


  • Other - They set the number of Hours or Weeks - Inquire. It is your responsibility to check with them and ask questions to what they will accept to fulfill your court requirements.
  • All Payments Non Refundable.
  • Please call your contact and ask what they will accept/require.


Atlanta Anger Management Saturday Classes - Schedule

The Saturday Anger Management Classes covers all the same Educational Information as our 8 Week Anger Management Classes. One Day Of Anger Management Classes.

Court Approved in all 50 States, including metro Atlanta and all of Georgia.

Atlanta Anger Management is a Certified Anger Management Provider.


Call Richard Taylor at 678-576-1913 For Information


When ready to join a class call Richard at 678-576-1913.


Be prepared to answer the following:

Your Name
Nick Name
Home/Evening Phone
Cell Phone
E-Mail Address
Do You Check It: □ At night □ Often □ Once in a while □ Almost never □
Date Of Birth
Reason For Attending


If applicable:

Case No
Offense Charged With

REFERRING PARTY INFORMATION – This is the person you are going to present your final paperwork to. It might be your Probation Officer, Judge, Solicitor General, Attorney, Employer, HR Department.
This information will appears on Letter Of Enrollment, Progress Reports if Required, and Exit Graduation Papers.

Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
E-Mail Address
Prior Arrests


Name Of Attendee
Cell Number

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Be sure to get driving directions from Richard ...

Call Richard at 678-576-1913

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Be sure to get driving directions from Richard
Call Richard at 678-576-1913


--> Court Ordered Clients Needing Anger Management Classes
--> Volunteer Clients
--> Angry People
--> Anger is appearing too often, too intense
--> Anger is affecting your relationships
--> Anger has become physical
--> Anger is becoming verbally abusive
--> Anger is appearing in your work life or while out in public
--> Couples having Anger as a relationship issue
--> Road Ragers
--> If you are stuck, don't feel much
--> Sick of stuffing feelings
--> You are a passive Person
--> You say: "I never get angry."
--> You are in a Toxic Relationship that is almost over
--> You are single but know anger affects your relationships
--> Bad Moods predominate each day
--> Your partner, friends or family tell you, "You need Anger Management."

Limited Seating. Call to reserve your chair!

We sit around a conference table and have lively interaction discussing and learning about anger, stress, communication styles and emotional intelligence. All to improve your reactions to anger and stress producing activating events. You are treated with respect. Come join a select few who want the best anger management program on the planet.

Besides getting your Court Ordered needed Certificate of Completion you also learn something! Get your money's worth!

Court Ordered Participants Usually Require 8 Hours Or More Of Classes.

Call to Discuss. 678-576-1913


A.) All documents to relieve you of your case requirements.

B.) Certificate Of Completion Offered For All Who Complete 8 Hours of Classes hand signed by Owner/Director Richard Taylor and Corporate Seal.

C.) Work Book of Course Topics

D.) You receive a model of Anger Management with tools/methods that actually work. When used they will improve your interpersonal relationships in your personal, business and public life. You will be able to reduce your reaction to anger triggering events to more appropriate responses that enhance your life.

E.) Complimentary Designer Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Filtered Water
OK To Bring Your Own or Snacks

F.) Free Safe Parking, Building has 24/7 Security

Call Richard at 678-576-1913

TESTIMONIALS (Anonymous From End Of Class Survey)

Richard is very funny and accommodates both young and older audiences. He understands and communicates very well. Today I learned I had an anger problem and Richard provided me with solutions. Thanks.


I found the class a very positive experience and provided insights to how anger works, that it can be used positively for good rather than be destructive aggressive anger. I learned about being intelligent with my emotions that I can choose better responses for better outcomes. I liked the instructor, Richard as he knew the material and was non judgmental towards everyone in the class. I was not forced to talk, but found myself participating as the material was engaging.

The class was very real and went straight to the point rather than beat around the bush. Real life stories of how people messed up making it easier for me to remember what Not To Do!


Today's anger management class was one of the most positive things I have attended and participated in ever. Richard was very funny and open to us all attending and let us fully express ourselves as things came up. The teaching points just kept expanding layer upon layer and help me realize that EVERYONE should take this class. It was so uplifting and energizing. I know that I will make better choices and never return. No more court ordered anger management for me!

I attended a class somewhere else and it produced very negative feelings in me. I felt accused, made to feel I was a bad person and had to admit I was the perpetrator. The fact was I was falsely accused and did nothing wrong. I am so glad I found Atlanta Anger Management. Richard was very positive and uplifting in his teaching methods. It was Anger Management, but the Anderson and Anderson curriculum was much much more. Skill enhancing information in so many areas, that I found myself enjoying the class and owning it and saying yes to the information as it was presented. I had a very good day. Glad it is over and worth the money. And now new skills to move forward. I will never be back. Richard stories reinforced that. Avoid precarious situations to avoid getting arrested.

This class was not what I expected. Started with some good coffee and immediately jumped into the material. As the day unfolded I could see that the material was really relevant to my life and I could use it in a practical way. I thought it was going to be a waste of time...but rather I felt energized by the material and Richard. I actually enjoyed myself. It was very valuable to me to attend a Saturday Class since my schedule is very busy with work and family demands. I thought it was easier to remember everything doing it in a one day class. Thanks.


I work outside and have a hard time sitting for long periods. It was great as the morning break came fast, then lunch, then afternoon break. So I did not have to sit any longer than 2 hours before I could check by phone for text message or voicemail. And got to stretch. The class material was easy to understand and with the DVDs made the day go by fast. I am glad to get this behind me.


Excellent information. Real Theory that you can really practice.


The instructor really knew his stuff. The day flew by and I was glad to get this behind me!

All the information was really helpful and useful. Richard did a great job of explaining and breaking the lessons down. The one day class was perfect for my situation due to time restraints.


A very helpful class. Learned things I can definitely use day to day.


Very interesting class. I learned a lot, not just about anger and managing those issues, but also behavior skills in stress management, that emotional intelligence can be learned to improve yourself and better communication skills while learning to fight fair.


It was a very laid back environment that made me feel accepted and more able to listen. I enjoyed going over the material as Richard presented it. He made sure I understood the material.


The material was very defined and thorough. I particularly liked the self evaluating assessments that we did that help me realize my reactions to many events in my life.
As Richard said, this will give me a better handle on how to respond for better outcomes.


I like the Communication DVD and learning about spotting the different communication styles we all use. Should help me respond in a better way.


I like the One Day Class due to my working schedule. It was easier to understand the class lessons as everything flowed into the next chapter of info.

I learned how to better recognize and manage my frustration before it results in my usual anger.

Nice surprise. I thought I wouldn't learn anything, and just do it for my probation. I actually did learn good anger control coping skills and learned I need to manage my stress better. The DVD's were pretty good and help break up the class info. I am taking home a new attitude as a result of the class. I got my money worth.


Word of the day for me: Assertiveness


What I liked was how organized everything was. From my first email inquiry and fast response, to the subsequent follow up emails answering all my questions, the Details offered that told me everything I needed to know. Then the first part of the day, the following in the workbook, DVD's, breaks, lunch, the facility....all surpassed my expectations. I am glad I chose Richard and his Atlanta Anger Management. It was worth the money even though I was falsely accused and got screwed by the system.


Learned that if I change my awareness of my anger response that it can be used for good rather than be destructive.


For me, this was a Divine appointment. I don't have anger issues. But due to the police policy that someone has to get arrested it was me. I was not happy I was forced to attend this class. But after a few research Google searches I decided to attend to this class because of what I read about this class. I had to travel from over 60 miles to attend. I found it was definitely worth it. I was immediately affirmed upon arriving and opened up to Richard and his teaching style. He made me laugh and see that it is just as important to learn how anger and rage works to give me tools to respond better to other people's anger. That was the insight. I work in a rather hostile combative work environment at a large company. Dog eat dog so to speak. This class gave me new insights and skills to deal better with the people I work with and leave my frustration at work and not dump on my husband when I get home. I am sure my husband will appreciate the new me. This is exactly what I needed.


I like being in a class with class participation. Made it interesting and I felt comfortable adding my input to class material. Richard even let me explain my knowledge of Meditation that was cool for me. ;-)

I am sick of being known as a hothead. The class will help me respond in a better way and let me become less reactive and explosive. I look forward to being the calm one.

I am writing a brief testimony about Richard Taylor’s anger management class. I attended his Saturday class, and it was a very beneficial class for me. I have always struggled with anger, but I was always able to control it. I finally let my anger get the best of me, and I got in trouble at work. I was very luck that I did not get fired. After attending Richard’s class, I was able to identify several tools to help me with my anger.

First, I was able to identify my triggers of my anger. I was also taught several tools to help control my anger. I have turned to regular exercise, taking controlled deep breaths, and excusing myself from a bad situation.

Everyone will deal with anger issues in different ways. I learned what would work best for me. I highly recommend his Saturday course. He has helped me to control my anger on a daily basis. His class will give you new insights to yourself and your anger issues.

It was great to be able to receive all the anger management information in one day due to my busy schedule, savings on gas and time. I find I do better with consolidated information learning situations rather than spread over eight weeks. Easier to retain/remember the information!

Sincerely, Steve



The class was not what I expected. I actually enjoyed it and learned something.


I liked that you told anger management stories from actual people you have seen as to what to NOT DO. Also that you had some DVD's to watch that broke the day up.


Thanks. Hope to never see you again!


As Richard described depression and anxiety I realized I had the signs of depression. It was an ah ha moment for me and explained why occasionally I got angry. The anger helped me get enough energy to do something and speak out. I now realized I was stuck in inaction mode. He called it Freeze. Like Fight, Flight, Freeze primal instincts. Made sense. Wow. I now have some coping skills to help myself get motivated and getting moving. I see some hope. I talked to Richard over lunch about my situation and he was open and made some suggestions that got me excited. Thanks Richard.


I enjoyed the class. That surprised me. Thanks.


E-mailed to us:

Thanks Richard for allowing me the opportunity. i really enjoyed the class, and i think i enjoyed it more than the others lol that's between you and i. and i will keep practicing the assertion skill!!! again thanks allot, and many more blessing to you guys and the wonderful corp. of A.A.M. ps. i honestly felt like family during the whole time i was there. thanks for being my mentor!!!! -Joshua


Richard knew the material and made the time go by fast.

I liked that you told anger management stories from actual people you have seen as to what to NOT DO. Also that you had some DVD's to watch that broke the day up.

Call RICHARD AT 678-576-1913



If you sign up and leave class early you forfeit money as your seat is reserved just for you. You will be required to attend and pay for the missed time/information to complete the class time required.

2. Pre-Registration is required. You Need Approval to insure we have room for you and you get what you need. No registration fee.

3. Form of payment: CASH | VISA | MC | AMEX | DISCOVER | PayPal | No Checks. No Money Orders.

4. The Anger Management Training consist of:

  • Give us your Information from your Court Ordered documents.
  • Decide on what Class you want to attend.
  • Tell us how many hours you need as defined your your referring party.
  • Class Training - # Of Hours As Required or 8 Hour Minimum Of Anger Management Classes.
  • Letters of Enrollment, Progress Reports and updates to Probation Departments, Reports and updates to the Courts when requested are provided at no charge.
  • Certificate of Completion. (Two Free Copies. Additional $30.00)

5. Hardship cases are suggested to should seek a government agency for help. Special Discount for Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Homeland Security Officials. No free classes are offered.

6. 24 Hour Notice is required for non attendance (No Show) or forfeit payment. This means if you miss your scheduled course date without 24 hour notice, then you pay for missing it. To avoid simply call and let us know 24 hours in advance. Emergencies seem to abound, no excuses accepted. This is common courtesy and a standard professional practice. No explanation is needed. Just call to inform us you cannot make your reserved class 24 hours in advance. This is practical Anger Management and shows responsibility and ownership on your part.

7. Required: Participation in class discussions, no sleeping in the class, be cooperative, if asked to stop and listen, do so. Be drug free and alcohol free. If you fail to cooperate you will be asked to leave. If necessary by police escort.

8. Certificate of Completion is only issued upon completion of the training and full payment received.

9. Policies can change without notice, but remain in effective for your duration of your training.

Anger isn't considered a Psychological Disorder by either the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association in the way that depression or schizophrenia are. Since anger is considered only a symptom of underlying emotions, treatment cannot be billed to clients health insurance.