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Director Richard L Taylor's training, experience, sense of humor, and reputation for effective change in clients is one of the best in Atlanta and the country.

Old Days:
Clients have flown into Atlanta to work with Richard over many days. Georgians travel longer distances to benefit from Richard's expertise.

With Zoom any English speaking person with Internet is my audience.



Covid-19 Delta Variant Cases Are Skyrocketing
In Person Session/Meetings/Classes
Postponed Until Further Notice.

Georgia Department Of Public Health
Daily Covid-19 Reporting



Distance Learning

the new normal.

Richard uses Zoom Cloud Meetings.



Choose any length of session:

60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes
1/2 Day
Full Day
1/2 Day For Several Days


Call Richard at 678-576-1913
to discuss your issues and to set up an Individual Private Session.



Four Easy Steps To Set Up

1. Free Registration
2. Download Zoom -> click or Zoom Cloud Meetings App (App Store)
2. Make Appointment - Call/text Richard 678-576-1913 Determine Availability
3. Reserve Time By PrePayment
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PLEASE BE ADVISED THERE ARE SEVERAL INDIVIDUALS WHO TRY TO "TRICK" YOU BY USING MY NAME "Atlanta Anger Management" in their copy (content), both on their websites and in the URL name of their websites.
IMHO, if they had Self-Confidence they could rest on their merits without having to pretend to be me. Sad.

There is only one Richard L. Taylor, just like there is only one you. I have no employees, to insure you always have access to me.

Richard L. Taylor is Atlanta Anger Management.


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Fast Internet For Streaming Video Feed & Quiet Location - Good To Go!

Anger Management is not counseling. It is psycho-education based training. People like it because you learn strategies that are effective in changing yourself.

Immediate change is possible. That improves your relationships. People who use Richard discover anger and rage doesn't help them any longer and want to live a better way.

Attitudes, beliefs and behavior change with better coping strategies for better relationships.

Main talking points often center on increasing self awareness, mindfulness, power of focus, strategies for better communication, anger awareness, rage awareness if needed, anger management, emotional intelligence and stress awareness and stress management.


"Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance."
- Deepak Chopra



Old Days Below - In Person Office

No Sofas
Therapy is Coaching not Psychotherapy.
I move chairs around to suit the number of people in attendance.
Social Distancing Observed.



Owner/Director Richard L. Taylor BS, CART, CAMS, CAME
Certified Anger Resolution Therapist

Certified Anger Management Specialist™
Certified Anger Management Expert™

Call Richard at 678-576-1913




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Private Session Booklet PDF emailed to you in advance of Session.

Coaching Aid - Reference For Re-enforcement Of New Learning
Language + Behaviors + Biases + Belief = Enhancement / Modification / Growth

Couple Session On Zoom
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RELATIONSHIP CRISIS: 80 % of our clients are in relationship crisis. Conflict Management in Intimate Relationships can involve a single volunteer participant or both partners in the relationship. Same price.

Minor couple conflict issues are very short in treatment length. More like a check up.

WORK RELATED ANGER ISSUES: 7-10% of our clients are fine at home but have work related anger issues. We focus on strategies to help you better cope with work and stress.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Experiencing Anxiety, Fear, Stress?

There are many types of anxiety disorders including panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times. Many people feel anxious, or nervous, when faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or making an important decision. Anxiety disorders, however, are different. They can cause such distress that it interferes with a person's ability to lead a normal life.

In cases where you do not feel entirely overwhelmed or crippled by the feeling Richard Taylor can help with Stress Management coping strategies at far less cost without medication. Call to discuss your situation and feelings for proper path to healing. Richard is careful to not overreach his help to insure you get proper treatment for your condition.

An anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness. For people with anxiety disorders, worry and fear are constant and overwhelming, and can be crippling. In severe cases a psychologists or Medical Doctor should be sought out for proper diagnoses.

ROAD RAGE ANGER: 3% of our clients experience low, medium or high expressions of anger while driving usually caused from cognitive distortions and stress. We offer Private Sessions to reduce these tendencies and become safer on the road for you, for your family and other drivers.

Act before you get arrested or worse, get shot on the road. Go to our BLOG for videos and blog articles if interested.

PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF ANGER: 5% of our clients get angry in public. Usually stress is a main build up to a situation. A person feels angry about a lot of things (triggers) and tries to contain themselves, but loses their temper quickly due to lack of Impulse Control. Alcohol often plays a part.



Arrests are often:

  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Public Drunkenness
  • Affray
  • Obstruction Of A Police Office
  • Interuption of a 911 Call
  • Criminal Tresspass
  • Simple Battery
  • Battery
  • Simple Assault
  • Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Stalking
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Domestic Violence (m)
  • It is best to address these issues that cause the above arrests, rather than after. Why? Cheaper and you do not permanently have your arrest mug shot on the internet forever. Have a record makes it harder to get apartments, jobs, credit.

You have a choice in length of Session. Often clients choose a first session of 90 minutes to get more accomplished. If money is tight than choose a 60 minute Session.

TEENAGERS: 17 - 19 year olds. Teen anger and rage management. We can use the Private Session format or within this time focus on a Teen Anger Management workbook to give structure to the sessions. Often 17-19 year olds attend our regular anger management classes.

RAGERS: People who explode quickly with extreme displays of anger who often "black out" and do not remember all of what was said. Often very destructive to the relationship. For Rage Management it is best to use a Private Session rather than group classes.

Choose any length of session:

60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes





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--> Volunteer Clients
--> Court Ordered Clients Needing Anger Management Who Want Top Secrecy
--> VIP People
--> Angry People
--> Anger is appearing too often, too intense
--> Anger is affecting your relationships
--> Anger has become physical
--> Anger is becoming verbally abusive
--> Anger is appearing in your work life or while out in public
--> Couples having Anger as a relationship issue
--> If you are stuck, don't feel much
--> Sick of stuffing feelings
--> You are a passive Person
--> You say: "I never get angry."
--> You are in a Toxic Relationship that is almost over
--> You are single but know anger affects your relationships
--> Bad Moods predominate each day
--> Your partner, friends or family tell you, "You need Anger Management."

Call Richard 678-576-1913

for more information or set up an appointment.


I look forward to helping you! - Richard

No Drop Ins. By Appointment. Non Refundable.

24 Hour Notice is required for non attendance (No Show) or you pay for the missed appointment. To cancel simply call or text 678-576-1913 and let us know 24 hours in advance. This is common courtesy and a standard professional practice. No explanation is needed. Just inform us you cannot make appointment. This is practical Anger Management!

If you make an appointment and do not call or show, then to make another appointment a PAYPAL prepay for next appointment is required.

We reserve the right to refuse service without explanation.

Certificate of Completion if wanted is issued upon completion of the training and full payment received.


Anger isn't considered a Psychological Disorder by either the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association in the way that depression or schizophrenia are. Since anger is considered only a symptom of underlying maladies treatment cannot be billed to clients health insurance.



I like catching good food in the deli before my appointment and then I like our discussions and your teaching me what do and things to think about for a better me. The Action Plan is working for me. I am glad you told me to stick with it and come a few more times. I am changing and got me girl back. - Jorge

One on One Treatment was the best. Richard was so insightful and helped me see the bigger picture and how things are working/not working and an action plan to change it. - Thomas

Session was better than than I hoped for. Thanks. - Jeremy

Hi Richard:
Jason checking in. I wanted to thank you for helping me get my wife back! As you remember she had moved out and was staying with her Mom with our child. She said I had to do something about my ongoing life long anger issues or our marriage was over. I found you and used your Private Sessions format and after just two sessions she could see a major difference in me and moved back home. Thank you. We are both amazed and thrilled that we are better able to express our ourselves, argue less, and get to what is bother us without the need for all the drama we used to employ. Your non counseling, non judgmental approach really works. Thanks again for helping me save my marriage and my life! - Jason, and Becky

Richard you have saved my relationship! We were broken up and over, and you helped me change myself . We are back together. With your skills you showed me we argue very little now. Thank you. -Lorenzo

Calling was the hardest part. You made it easy to come in and see you privately. Class Act you have. I did not feel weird coming. Each session helped me quickly get my act together. I stopped arguing, getting mad at the slightest thing and stay mostly in a good mood. Thanks man. PS: My relationship is better. - George



Richard was very friendly, down to earth and personable.

Even though I resented coming to see you (as my boyfriend made me come) I actually learned something. I now know how to control myself better. My relationship is improving. I now catch my negative thoughts and don't 'ruminate" (as you say) for days. I stay in a better mood most of the time. We have also stopped arguing. We also stopped our passive aggressive actions towards each other. Thanks for helping us. - Britanni


I liked you and your personal insights that helped me dig out my hole I dug. Thanks.


Richard, You are really good at what you do. Helping people! You know your stuff. Thanks for putting my humpty dumpty life back together again. We don't argue anymore...

What I like about the anger management sessions with you, is that you provided me with many tools I needed to change myself and things I can actually did that made my relationship better. Thanks. - Purnell

Very useful. Everything is much better now after 4 sessions.

Gave us more resources for continued study.

Since coming to see you I have changed a lot and everyone now sees me differently... No longer the hot-head. Thanks.

My relationship is much better! All in two visits. The Action Plan works. I did it.

Thank you. I liked your methods. Sometimes provocative, sometimes very funny, often prodding and thought enhancing. I like your enthusiasm and positive energy. I really value your unique insights and life experience. I am on the right track now. I go back to your Action Plans and handouts to not backslide.

I actually liked the info you taught us. I now am aware of others and their anger and don't get sucked in like I use to. I am amazed I can do this MOST of the time. - Jennifer & Ricky

Coming to a corporate building with a security guard made me feel safe. You have a top notch company. I liked having access to free on demand coffee and water when I came to visit. Also meeting at a conference table made it feel not so much like counseling. Thanks for offering a method to control myself.

I did not think I had any problems with anger. My spouse thought otherwise. But going through the path you lead me, I realized that this is all good stuff and opened my eyes to how people actually work. I now know how to respond to angry people around me. I don't get sucked in so easy. I now see I often was angry in a sneaky way...I am still trying to master to be calm in the storm. So as you said..."anger management is keeping open to awareness." I liked that. Thanks for your help.

I heard you say "You can only change yourself, not your partner." That made me own my part in our relationship problems. You gave me the information and skills to do something about me, and therefore improve my relationship. Thanks.

Richard: you da anger man. - Wimbee

I attended anger management elsewhere but was fed up with them jerking me around. Thanks for offering a great program that I need to get off probation. It has been a nightmare! I thank your straight forwardness, not beating around the bush. Sometimes it seemed hard hitting but you made me realize I do have control of myself and my own choices. This was worth it. Time and money. I liked your honesty and integrity too. Taking you privately was worth the money to me, as I am well known around town. I will not get arrested again. - T


I thought you were great. I liked your personal points on how to make things better quickly.

The way you were at our session was surprising. I thought I would be forced to talk and explain myself and then get on a roll and talk about my spouse that would mostly piss her off. Instead with a few questions and your experience you knew our interactions pretty much spot on. I was amazed at how you understood so quickly, You did not place blame on either of us. You immediately started teaching us new ways to interact and help each other. I liked this training style approach rather than endless talking going nowhere. Thanks for helping us resolve our issues. Happy in Fayette County. - Zack and Denni


It was worth traveling to come work with you four times. -Joni and Kris

Richard: I promised I would email feedback on the classes. I volunteered as you recall. It was a pain to attend eight weeks of classes but doing so made the material stick. The information and class discussion has made me more aware of how things are working in my life and I have found I am making better choices. It has worked! I don't respond aggressively to my partner anymore, and friend's have asked me how I manage to remain calm now. That is a big change for me. Two months was worth it.

Hi Richard: Thank you for being a caring high energy Anger Management Guru and for being so flexible with my schedule. It helped a lot! I got a lot out of the course which surprised me. Thanks for the special emphasize on what I really needed. I am really going to work this stuff! I know my kids will appreciate the new me! - Bill


I am stressed out in school so liked the stress management help you provided. - D'Zena

Richard: I thought anger management was bull until you actually taught me that being more smart with my emotions (U called it Emotional Intelligence! Fancy!) would help me at my job better. And it has! I got employee of the month! Funny as hell! Me! - Later MB



2. Call Richard 678-576-1913 for more information or set up an appointment.

3. Form of payment: VISA | MC | AMEX | DISCOVER | PayPal | ZELLE | CASHAPP | VENMO
No Checks. No Money Orders. No Cash.

Please use Prepayment To RESERVE YOUR APPOINTMENT.

4. Hardship cases are suggested to should seek a government agency for help. Special Discount for Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Homeland Security Officials. No free classes are offered.

5. Twenty Four Hour Notice is required for non attendance (No Show) or forfeit payment. This means if you miss your scheduled session date without 24 hour notice, then you pay for missing it. To avoid simply call 678-576-1913 and let us know 24 hours in advance. Emergencies seem to abound, no excuses accepted. This is common courtesy and a standard professional practice. No explanation is needed. Just call to inform us you cannot make your reserved session 24 hours in advance. This is practical Anger Management and shows responsibility and ownership on your part.

6. Privacy Policy

7. Policies can change without notice, but remain in effective for your duration of your training.

8. First Certificate of Completion free as Digital Copy. Save to Cloud and devices. Having to retrieve it later Certificate of Completion Reprint Fee $30.00 USD

Anger isn't considered a Psychological Disorder by either the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association in the way that depression or schizophrenia are. Since anger is considered only a symptom of underlying emotions, treatment cannot be billed to clients health insurance.



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