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uses latest, most up to date Anger Management Curriculum.

There is only One Atlanta Anger Management.

Located at:

Richard L. Taylor, BS, CART, CAME
Atlanta Anger Management
5555 Glenridge Connector
Atlanta, GA 30342

All other companies claiming to be Atlanta Anger Management are frauds. Many use our Name in their descriptions to confuse you and gain clients. Be aware. Do you want to use a company with no ethics? Take the chance of having your court paperwork not accepted?

Call Richard at 678-576-1913 in Atlanta, GA

ATLANTA ANGER MANAGEMENT - The Center For Anger Resolution, Inc.™ Certified Anger Resolution Therapist™

Certified Anger Management Expert™ for psycho-education in Anger Management, Stress Management, Couple Conflict Management, Improved Communications, and Emotional Intelligence for Individuals, Court Ordered, Married Couples, Organizations, Government, Education, Military. Individual Sessions, Group Classes, Seminars, Speaker Engagements, Court Ordered Anger Management.

Atlanta and Worldwide. Inquires welcome.



Owner/Director Richard L. Taylor BS, CART, CAME
Richard Taylor is a past Diplomate of the AAAMP  
(The American Association of Anger Management Providers)
and Founder/President of Georgia Anger Management Association.

Atlanta Anger Management
5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30342
Telephone: 678-576-1913