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Help With Individual / Couples Problems - Issues

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Definition: Meet with Owner/Director Richard Taylor In Private Zoom Meeting:

  • One on One (You and Me)
  • As Couple
  • As Individual

For people who want to work on:

  • Anger Issues (Anger Management)
  • Couple Conflict Issues
  • Couples Wanting To "Save" Their Relationships (Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay)
  • Last Effort To Not Get Divorced
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Building Emotion Skills (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Improve Golf Performance
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Road Rage
  • Rage Management
  • Impulse Control Issues
  • Lower Anxiety, Fear
  • Increase Empathy
  • Learn To Be Less Reactive
  • Build Soft Skills in Emotional Intelligence for Work
  • Build Soft Skills in Emotional Intelligence for Home
  • Executive Coaching
  • Court Ordered Anger Management Counseling/Coaching
  • Assertion Building Skills
  • Learning to Tone Down Aggressiveness
  • Become More Extroverted and Less Introverted 
  • Become More Optimistic Less Pessimistic
  • Learn To Live A Fuller Live With Goals
  • Depression~Anger Battle - Beat It
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Laugh More
  • Become More Socially Aware -Improve People Skills
  • Be Less Vindictive, Wrathful
  • Be Less Jealous (Jealousy Issues)
  • Control Rumination (Thinking Loop Control)
  • Mindfulness Development
  • Laughter Yoga Private Session



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Couples Conflict Management

What To Do?

When ready call Richard Taylor at  678-576-1913 and set up appointment.

Define what you want to work on. Brief presenting of issues. 

Length Of Sessions:

  • 60   Minutes | 1 Hour
  • 90   Minutes | 1.5 Hours
  • 120 Minutes | 2 Hours
  • 150 Minutes | 2.5 Hours
  • 180 Minutes | 3 Hours
  • 240 Minutes | 4 Hours
  • 360 Minutes | 6 hours
  • 480 Minutes | 8 Hours

When: (Available Sessions)

  • Tuesday Through Thursday 9:00AM to 5:00PM (EST)  
  • EVENING: Monday 1:30PM ->Last Appointment at 8PM (EST)

Zoom Anger Therapy Session

Zoom Anger Therapy Session






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Often Individual joins Private Session first
and does some work before
Joint Couple Session


Director/Owner Richard L Taylor BS, CART, CAMS, CAME
Certified Anger Resolution Therapist™
Certified Anger Management Specialist™
Certified Anger Management Expert™
​Michele Weiner-Davis Divorce Busting®​
Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator
Gottman Method Couple Therapy I, II, III
Certified MHS ​ Bar-On Emotional Intelligence ​EQ-i 2.0 Provider
National Anger Management Association Diplomate
Certified Anger Management in 50 US States



Atlanta Anger Management 

5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 200 (2nd Floor) 
Atlanta, Georgia 30342 USA

Office Cell: 678-576-1913


Return Policy: Services Are Rendered. Payments Are Non-Refundable.

All Services Are Non-Refundable.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, CASHAPP, VENMO

We do not accept checks.

To cancel your appointment it is expected to give us 24 Hour notice. Shorter notice or no notice results in full billing for lost time. No Exceptions.

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Richard: Thanks for helping overcome my aggressive driving habit and ocassional road rage reaction. Amazing one session for the how to do...and liked one follow-up to check me. Thanks buddy. - Bill

Hey man: You asked me to check in. It's been a month since coming and things have settled in. Like you said I notice a " hit" but do not react in the same way I did before coming. I feel calmer not so much on edge. My wife likes the new me better. I do too. Back to my ole self. Our relationship has improved because i am not as "angry" now. I have better control over my tone and we argue less. When we have conflict we are much better at remaining neutral or nice like you said. Thanks for waking me up. Keep up your good work! - Roderick (& Shantell)

Mr. Richard: Thanks for helping my relationship get back on track. - Darius

Hello Richard: Wanted to give you good feedback on my sessions with you. My boyfriend says I am easier going and do not pick fights like I use to. I guess it's true. My arguementative ways have gone towards taking turns that works for us. I seem to be less negative. Thanks for your coaching, sense of humor and guidance. It was worth coming the four times across town to see you. Actually priceless. Also know, you always made me feel comfortable talking with you and I felt I could tell you anything without a judgement and shock. I guess you hear a lot of _hit as I never seemed to surprise you! Things are better. - A + V Forever

Richard: Thanks for helping me. - Beatrice

Mr. Taylor: We came in for Couples Private Sessions on Monday nights for 3 weeks and in that short time we are doing much better. We have made a big shift. Less fighting. We try to take a break and understand each other. We are over the 'hump' like you said we would. You said to practice gratitude so this is me doing that as one of my five today. Thanks for all the simple things to do that make sense and easy to do. Again like you said just do em. So thank you, we are grateful to you. - Over the 3.5 year bump! -Ashley and Brent

Rich: My golf game has improved and my golf buddies have noticed it along with a much cooler playing me. Easy. Worth the 2 visits for sure. I may make my money back! - Thanks man. -John

Wanted to let you know Roberta and I are doing much better. It's been two months now and things have stuck and we are in the new groove. When we find ourselves in conflict using your coaching pointers has really made a difference. No longer days have no communication. Even our tight friends have noticed we are more loving and back to our flirty ways. I like it. Feels good. Life is short. Glad our friend turned us onto to you. It was worth coming to Atlanta from Stockbridge. In the scheme of things, a drive across town to get "fixed" in such a short time. No Brainer. We hope to never see you again! But if we hit a rough patch expect a call! Keep doing what you are doing. We appreciate your compassion and direct coaching style. No bs...easy to understand and do. We are glad we did not wait til things were totally awlful. Be well. - Sammy

I do not write these kind of things, but you asked us to stay in touch. Thank you for your help. We appreciate it. We are doing much better. Like a snapshot back to our early days. I cannot believe we coexited for two years feeling stuck. You made everything seem so easy and doable. We did it. Thxs. - Marie and Andre

Jen and Bruce check in. Three months now. Everything is good. No incidents. Sex back to normal. We feel connected again. Thank-you.

Hi: My driving has gotten back to fast but safe. No crasy stuff anymore. My girlfriend feels safer. Thanks. - Alex

First time to write. Thanks for helping us. - Worth the money. Short. Not bad drive, we went to Lenox Mall after to shop and eat and enjoyed that. Your handouts are on our refrig. to remind us to behave. We have opened up to each other like never before. Thanks for teaching how to be respectful and assertive and to listen better. I have learned to give with no expetaction like you said. Works. She is not as selfish either now. We are happy again. 4 visits. We have friends who are going for 6 months to their shrink. You are very to the point. We liked your approach. I do not like talking about feelings so thanks for not going there. Cheers Dude. - JC

Ok short...Hi. Bye! Just kidding...Thanks for helping us. - Tim and Robin

I like your experience and good sense of humor. Your insights really were spot on. Often we were amazed. It seem like you had a camera in our house as you described scenes, so your vast experience really showed you are to be trusted. You know what is going on. We liked that help. Real. Sometimes hard to hear. Yes we are growing now and discovering life is good. You helped us get overselves. us selfish bitches are gone! - Remy and Jodie

Wow man. 3 weeks and things are back to good. - Charley

Sandi here. Thanks.

I like it. 3 C.s. 3 A.s 3 N.s. eazy to remember. i do it... things are better. later. - Thxs. Ann Mary

We had given up. May be grace we found you. Thanks for helping us through the dark valley of death. We are back. We have reinvented ourselves as a couple. Back to the early days! Not sure why we waited so long to work on our relationship. Guess we did not know your approach on non counseling was available. We like how you did not make us bad mouth each other and stir things up. You met us and went to work. You made us wake up and work. It took a little while to change but knowing we could with your help really made the difference. Seven vists. Amazing it was so short. Good to not throw away 20 years. We are happy again and are more tolerant of each other moods. Thanks Mr Taylor. I know you like Richard. Thanks Mr. Richard. - Dee Dee and Alfonso

Work hard, play hard. We are playing again. No more stonewalling as you call it. We liked you saying " Make Love, Not War!" We are trying to do that and are. Txs. - Vickie and Ronie

Hello: We liked the Emotional Intelligence wakeup to control our trust issues and reestablish a deep connection we had before. Thanks for your wisdom and insights to open us up to each other again. Seemed gone. But you helped us come out on top again. We will call you if we slide off...not worth the shit. We like it that we are best friends now and make that a focus. Life is good. Thanks. We will tell people about you. Your work. With gratitude, - Nisha & Willie

Simple message Richard. Thanks for helping me become a better version of myself. -BH

A few sessions and now less stressed out. Thanks for lessons in stress tolerance and stress management as you call it. Works. Thank-you. - Crystal

I wonder why I waited for so long to see you. You were patient with me. Sorry to play missing. You never gave up on me. Thank you for your support. I am trying to not be so scattered. Do what you say you told me. Yes mostly doing it. I may call in a few months to check in. Thanks. Feel better. Amazing what 2 sessions did for me. - Gretful - Valencia


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