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has only one location and is owned and
operated by Director
Richard Taylor.

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Our Websites:

ALERT - Our BRAND is ATLANTA ANGER MANAGEMENT, there are copy cat websites/businesses.

1.) Atlanta Anger Management .org
is a copy cat
different company
with no association to us
and does not offer the Anderson and Anderson™
curriculum. We are amazed at lack of ethics
that this person has tried to infringe on our
BRAND and try to "snag" some unsuspecting
people. Beware!


Anger Solutions Atlanta

also is not our website. This person went through my program,
got trained, and apparently is trying to pretend to be us. He has
been in business since late 12/2012 and has to resort to "tricks"
to get business. IMHO. He even copied our information
Anger Solution off this Homepage to name his company. He copies.

He is not Richard Taylor, owner of Atlanta Anger Management.

Do not be fooled by these copy cats. use the original #1 most used
Anger Management company in Atlanta. =
Atlanta Anger Management

Call Richard Taylor at 678-576-1913 for information and registration, to schedule an appointment/class/seminar.